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Group Training & Wellness Services for every generation at our gym in Skaneateles, New York.


Beginner to Advanced levels of training for anyone seeking weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, pain relief, injury recovery, and an improvement in general health, fitness, functionality, and stress relief.


Specialized Training is for individuals in pain, those with chronic conditions that can be alleviated or resolved with exercise, people who are in the later stages of life or those who require a more individualized approach to their training for a specific reason. 


Every kid, no matter how athletic they are, is welcome to participate in our after-school and summer programs focused on learning correct technique & training safely to build strength, muscle, power, speed, general health and confidence. This service is more than just exercise, it is a positive, inclusive community of young people.


Girls Power Hour is a program for girls run by girls. This program is designed for young women to develop confidence, strength, and general fitness while improving their self-esteem and body image. It is organized by female instructors and is a welcoming, non-intimidating environment for girls to learn how to train safely & appropriately.


About SkanStrength

SKANSTRENGTH was founded in April, 2017 as a Personal Training Studio in the village of Skaneateles, just below Finger Lakes On Tap.

By 2018, the gym moved to the same building as Skaneateles Brewery and Last Shot Distillery where it grew into a small-group training facility.


In December of 2019, the gym then moved to its current location just one mile outside of the village where group training and in the near future, personal training services are run by the Flanick & Batis families and a small team of instructors and coaches.

In 2021, SKANSTRENGTH added both Chiropractic & Acupuncture services into the mix finalizing the "wellness facility" design of the gym.

Every member of the SKANSTRENGTH team, Coaches, Chiropractors, & Acupuncturists have attained a minimum of a Master's level degree in the field of health & fitness.


In our Lean & Mean group fitness classes, the Instructor will guide you through bodyweight & light resistance training geared entirely toward losing weight and toning your body. This class is ideal for people looking to get started without a significant commitment.


Our in-house Chiropractors utilize spinal adjustments and exercise for pain relief, injury recovery and prevention, and improvements in total body health. Our Chiropractors are extremely well-versed in exercise as a tool for managing pain, injuries, and chronic conditions that benefit from movement as medicine.


Our in-house Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine expert utilizes non-invasive holistic treatments and herbal remedies for a variety of ailments including physical pain & injury, stress relief, anxiety & mental health, hormonal changes, digestive problems, and many other conditions that can benefit from this unique approach to wellness.


Qi Gong is an ancient martial art focused on meditative movement. Along with the physical health benefits from moving the body on a regular basis, the focus on mindfulness and being present facilitates improvements in stress management, mental relief, and psychological tools to feel a greater sense of fulfillment in everyday life.


Our Team


Dan Flanick

Dan Flanick began his career in the college sector at Cornell University followed by Baylor University. Following his experience at the Division I level, Dan moved into the private sector when opening SkanStrength in April of 2017. 

During his time at Cornell, he trained men's & women's basketball, football, baseball, wrestling, women's squash, swimming & diving, and women's equestrian. A few of the athletes he helped train went on to win NCAA National Championships. 

While at Baylor University, Dan assisted with training football, women's acrobatics & tumbling, women's tennis, women's equestrian, and men's and women's cross-country. During his time at Baylor, Dan was a part of the Athletic Performance Staff for the football team when they won the 2014 Big 12 Championship. 

Dan has worked with many elite level athletes including most recently, the 2020 US Open wrestling champion at the 86kg weight class. 

Along with his coaching career, Dan is a published writer in multiple local and nationally renowned publications on strength & conditioning, health, and general fitness. 

Dan's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Ithaca College & Master's Degree in Coaching from Baylor University.

Dan organizes the Strength & Conditioning Classes and Youth Programs at SkanStrength. 

He is married to his wonderful wife, Taylor and "father" to his 4-legged child, Mowgli.


Dr. Taylor Flanick

Taylor's style of Chiropractic care has been shaped by her experiences as a former athlete, her education in health & nutrition, and her training individuals across the spectrum of age and condition. 

Her approach is rooted in problem solving. Many pains, aches, injuries, and chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis, and a wide variety of other ailments can be alleviated and or resolved through the use of movement as treatment. 

The key is, finding the right ways to exercise and progress - according to each individual. Everyone is different and their experience with pain is different. 

Dr. Taylor has a passion for figuring out if exercise can help and if so, how to plan it in a manner that gets people out of pain and functioning at a higher level than before. 

Her formal education consists of a Bachelor's Degree in Heath Sciences with a Minor in Nutrition. She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2019 along with a Certificate in Sports Sciences & Kinesiology. 

Taylor is a trained weightlifter, endurance runner, husband to Dan, and mother of their 4-legged child, Mowgli. 


Dr. Jeff Batis

Jeff is the leader of the healing environment that has been established at SKANSTRENGTH. From early morning hours into mid-day, Jeff is treating individuals ranging from their 30s into their 70s and older with exercise.

He realized early on in his career that Chiropractic adjustments, alone, are not nearly as effective at helping people alleviate pain or get healthier as utilizing exercise.

The up to date scientific literature clearly points in this direction and Jeff has built his practice around exercise and training for health and pain management. 

The unique range of individuals Jeff has helped is too extensive to list in full, however, here are a few conditions he has worked with; 


-Parkinson's Disease



-Metabolic Syndrome

-High Blood Pressure

-Joint replacements

-Pre-surgical strengthening 

-Post-surgical strengthening

Jeff organizes his treatments into a group setting because he believes a group of people getting healthier and healing together creates a more positive and encouraging environment to hit on all aspects of health & pain management - the mental, physical and spiritual. A community of people going through the process together helps build all of those components along with the exercise, itself. 

Jeff has a Bachelor's in Kinesiology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic along with a Certificate in Sports Science & Human Performance. He is the Husband to Bri and father to his 3 children, Noah, Lucy, and another one coming in April, 2022.

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"What I can tell you from my experience is that Dan and Jeff are two of the best coaches I have ever had. Jeff, who is also a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, has helped me focus on the rehabilitation of a knee injury that kept me from training for thirteen weeks. Jeff's patience and knowledge helped to make my knee stronger and gave me the confidence I needed to start training again without the nagging worry of my knee failing me. I am forever grateful for the time Jeff and I spent one on one together!"

Our Location

1382 E Genesee Street, Skaneateles NY 13152