A Gym with a Purpose

In our Youth Training program, teenagers from all walks of life train together like a Team. There are no physical prerequisites to being on our Team. Our only requirement is that you are coachable. 



Luke Norstad

"I didn't only get pointers on lifting form, I gained knowledge on why we lift and the benefits of weightlifting. However, it wasn't all about gaining knowledge, I gained a family of supporters and a true friend in Dan. If I was ever going through something, Dan was always there to talk and relate to me with things he's been through previously.

Rose Keady

"I feel so much stronger, mentally and physically; it has made me a more resilient athlete and individual. Dan is

someone I truly look up to, and has become a huge role model for me."


​Spencer Mack

"In general, training at any gym gives you more energy throughout the day, and makes you feel good and accomplished, but the atmosphere in your gym is awesome and just makes people want more. I think the people and the surroundings that make the gym what it is: fantastic"

Rose Kozub

"When I was told I would be working out at your gym I was nervous, I thought it would be big and full of strangers; but when I saw it it was full of people I knew and it was small and more welcoming. I also love working with you, Taylor, and Jeff who really do help me and make me feel comfortable, thank you"


4022 Mill Road, Skaneateles NY 13152


To get started, please fill out the information below. Afterwards, a Coach will be in contact with you shortly to discuss scheduling, goals, medical history, and pricing options.