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Catching School 101 | Beginner Skills

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Catching is one of the most unique positions in all of sports. It's not a position that is easily taught unless a coach has a lot of experience, themselves, behind the plate. There's technique, drills, and mechanics, but then there's the knowledge of how to apply these skills in game-like situations. To truly excel, it requires a dedicated practice to developing a certain set of skills. Catching School 101 focuses on the most fundamental basics of the position. In this video series topics covered are; 1 - Catcher’s Gear & Gloves 2 - The 3-Primary Jobs of a Catcher 4 - Throwing Progression for Arm Strength & Health 5 - 3 Primary Stances 6 - Catching Coordination Drills 7 - Framing 101 8 - Blocking 101 9 - Fielding Bunts & Blocked Balls 10 - Foul Balls & Passed Balls

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