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We help you feel better.

Movement Centered Chiropractic Treatments | Acupuncture | Herbal Remedies

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Chiropractic Treatments

  • We have 2 Chiropractors on staff who often utilize movement as their primary treatment

  • Appointments can last 30 minutes or up to 1-hour

  • Soft-tissue modalities, traditional spinal adjustments, mobility work, exercise, and lifestyle habits will be focused on in your healing process

Acupuncture Close Up


  • We have 1 Licensed Acupuncturist on Staff who has a Master's in Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine

  • Appointments are 1-hour long and treatments include acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other forms of East Asian methodologies 


The SkanStrength Difference

We are 100% family owned and operated. Every service we offer is personalized and in small groups. We take time to get to know everyone who trains with us, heals with us, and plays sports with us. We do not compare your abilities or fitness levels to other people. Everyone is different and everyone is unique in their own way. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, mold, and tailor our programs, services, instruction and guidance to the individual. Essentially, if you trust us to work with you, you become a part of our family and we treat you as such.

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