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Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine

Alternative ways to heal and feel better.

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Our Methodology

 Our Doctors utilize a combination of traditional chiropractic therapies and rehabilitative exercise to alleviate, manage, and or resolve pain , injuries, and a variety of chronic conditions for the long-haul.

Our approach is highly individualized. 


We develop a "Care-Plan" that is designed specifically for you and your exact situation. Our goal is to help you resolve or alleviate your current situation, but also to lead you toward a body that functions better for the long-term. 

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We want to help you heal & move.

Movement is Medicine

Up to date scientific literature makes it clear that well-prescribed exercise rehabilitation should be a staple in a vast amount of musculoskeletal & chronic conditions. Our Doctors each have a robust background in best-practices for exercise planning, techniques, and rehab management. 

Soft Tissue, Adjustments, & Mobility

Along with exercise rehabilitation, our Chiropractors utilize a variety of passive modalities such as adjustments, mobility & stretching protocols, soft tissue therapies, supplement recommendations & even some nutritional guidance to help you along. 


No one likes being in pain or dealing with health issues. We believe that environment is equally as important as the physical rehabilitation program. Our environment is relaxed, inviting, and is a very non-traditional clinic. We are based inside of our gym, SkanStrength, however during Chiropractic hours our gym becomes our clinic.

Pricing & Insurance FAQ

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What is the cost of a session?

Services cost anywhere between $25-$100+ depending on the type of treatment you are receiving.

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Do you take insurance?

No, due to New York State insurance policies we are extremely limited in what we can provide by taking insurance. We understand that our services are better for our patients when we have the freedom to treat according to what we think and believe compared to what insurance allows us to do.

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How long are appointments?

Depending on the service, appointments can last just a few minutes to over an hour.

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Dr. Taylor Flanick (DC)


Along with being an avid weightlifter & runner, Taylor's athletic background combined with her deep understanding of human physiology, exercise science, musculoskeletal pain & injury, and nutrition have molded her practice into what it is today. Like all of our Chiropractors, Taylor prioritizes movement, exercise, and active approaches to healing along with traditional treatments such as soft tissue and spinal adjustment methodologies. 

Along with her Chiropractic background, Taylor founded a program we call "Girls Power Hour". This program is an after-school training service for young women to train in a "girls-only" setting where they can learn to train their bodies, build self-confidence, and to shatter incorrect social norms about women who lift weights.

Educational Background

B.S. Health Sciences, Ithaca College

Doctorate of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College

Certificate in Sports Science & Human Performance, New York Chiropractic College


Dr. Jeff Batis (DC)


Jeff is one of our 3 Chiropractors. Like all of our Chiropractors, he utilizes exercise as his primary modality for many pain related issues, acute & chronic conditions, diseases and for general health, fitness & weight loss purposes. He works with individuals of all levels of ability and his morning classes are filled with a wonderful community of adults from within and outside of the Skaneateles community.​

Educational Background

B.S. Kinesiology, SUNY Cortland

Doctorate of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College

Certificate in Sports Science & Human Performance, New York Chiropractic College

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