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Winter Mini Camp
for Skill Position Players

December 27th-29th @ 12:30-2:30PM
1382 E Genesee Street, Skaneateles, NY

Clinic Description

Youth football players who aspire to excel in skill positions are welcome to participate in the Winter Skill Position Mini Camp. 

This clinic is for kids who play or who aspire to play;


-Running Back

-Wide Receiver

-Defensive Back

-Line Backer

There is no need to have ever played any of these positions and nor is it required to have any playing experience whatsoever. All kids will work through drills for all of the listed positions. We believe kids should be learning the fundamentals of the sport, including the fundamental basics for each position.

The Clinic Focuses on;

  • Speed, Agility, Power, & Strength drills, training & techniques specific to these positions

  • Skill Challenges that make learning fun, competitive, and engaging

  • Foundational stances & techniques for each position

Meet Coach Jeff

Coach Jeff is from the Hudson Valley, New York where he was recruited to play at several Division I, Division II, and Division III schools out of high school. His life took a turn when he had an opportunity to join the New York City Fire Department after his Freshman year of college at SUNY Cortland where he had made the football team.

That year was a pivotal point for Jeff, as hiring processes changed for the NYFD after he had left school to pursue that dream.

However, during this time Jeff found his true calling in Sports & Rehabilitation as he began coaching at Fordham Prep as a Skill Position Coach. This experience inspired him to re-enroll in school at SUNY Cortland to pursue a degree in kinesiology so he could understand football/sports coaching & training on a deeper level.

Following his undergraduate degree, Jeff earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic where he specializes in sports rehabilitation. 

Dr. Jeff's philosophy lies in helping kids develop the physical skills for the sport, but also the love and passion for the game. This is what he brings to Clinics & Camps in our Football Department.



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