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Girls Power Hour

Female Only Training Program Run by a Female Coach

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Program Overview

It is a frequent experience for young women to feel intimidated when entering a weight room due to various reasons. Whether it's the fear of being judged by others or the uncertainty about what exercises to do or how to perform them, our Girls Power Hour program offers a supportive environment for young women to conquer their individual obstacles.


Led by a female coach, Girls Power Hour is the perfect program for young women seeking to acquire effective and safe training techniques under the mentorship of a woman.

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Program Principles

Our youth and teen program caters to individuals aged 12-18 seeking to acquire the skills to train safely with proper form while enhancing muscle growth and strength for overall health or athletic advancement.


Our approach is neither overly intense nor daunting; rather, it cultivates a welcoming atmosphere with an emphasis on well-being, enjoyment, community, and the formation of positive connections and friendships.


We firmly believe that effective coaching is founded on a deep understanding of each individual. By nurturing trust and a supportive setting where young individuals can freely express themselves, we can attain optimal outcomes.


Whether pursuing fitness for well-being or sports performance, our coaches are experts capable of guiding every participant towards their aspirations.

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What to Expect

Our training sessions take place on Tuesdays & Thursdays, beginning at 3:00PM. Each session lasts for 1 hour.


During these sessions, kids receive guidance and coaching in speed and agility workouts, as well as age-appropriate strength training methods. The program is tailored for kids aged between 12-18 years old, fostering a supportive community that nurtures mentorship, leadership opportunities, and a positive training and health experience.

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Pricing Options

Our prices are set up in a "Class-Pack" model. Depending on the pack size you purchase, costs range between $25-$30.00 per session. Class-Packs are flexible so if kids need to pause for sports, life, vacations, or any interruptions in their workouts it allows you to come and go as needed.

However, for best results, kids should opt to train 2x per week.

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