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Girls Power Hour

Female Only Training Program Run by a Female Coach

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Building strong women in a comfortable environment.

Girls Power Hour is a female only training program run by a female coach. It's ideal for young women seeking a place to train in an environment that's comfortable, non-judgmental, preaches body positivity, and is not "clicky". We accept young women between middle and high school and teach them how to train safely, effectively, and healthily toward their individual goals.

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Health, Longevity, Athleticism

Unparalleled Expertise

Our staff is made up of professionals with Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees under the kinesiology umbrella. To our knowledge there is no other facility like ours within Central New York and most likely all of New York State. 

With over a decade of experience and over 1,000 people served, you will feel safe, you will be guided in an appropriate manner for your level of ability and function, and you will feel comfortable along the way.

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