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Drop Off Fundraiser

SkanStrength & Papi's Champs Team Up

Sports have become increasingly expensive in the modern day. League fees, equipment needs, travel costs, etc. limit those who can participate in many sports to only those who can afford to "pay-to-play". 

This prevents many economically underprivileged kids from having safe, healthy outlets, learning new skills, developing teamwork & life skills, fostering a love for healthy activity, building camaraderie with friends, and enjoying all of the benefits that coincide with sport participation.

Papi's Champs is a non-profit built on the mission to assist economically underserved children to be able to afford playing their favorite sports.

After discovering this local non-profit based right out of Skaneateles, our SkanStrength Family wanted to get involved too.

Our first fundraising project together is "Date Night Drop Off". Please keep reading!


Date Night Drop-Off Fundraiser Info


Date Night Drop Off is a service for parents who would like to send their 5-11 year olds to SkanStrength for a night of fun and games.


Organized and run by volunteers with Papi’s Champs, kids will play in groups guided by vetted and responsible local high school students. The entire program will be overseen by an adult supervisor who will be there to support the volunteers.


In divided up, small groups, kids will play a variety of fun games and activities that keep them busy and make them tired all while you get to go out on the town for a few hours. Each group will have at least one volunteer guiding the activity.

Date Night Drop Off Date(s) and Time(s):

Session 1: SaturdayJune 10th, 2023

Session 2: SaturdayJune 23rd, 2023

Drop Off: 5:00-5:15PM

Pick Up: 7:00-7:15PM

Registration Deadline: 

Ages: 5-11 Year olds

Session Limit: 12 Kids, total


$30.00 + processing fee for your first child

$20.00 + processing fee for every additional child


50% Of the profits from each Date Night Drop Off is donated directly back to Papi's Champs.

Can't make it, but still want to donate?

Bulletproof Pricing

About Papi's Champs

Papi's Champs is a charitable organization inspired by the spirit, love and loyalty of Jack Matson, who always wanted to give every child the chance to play.  We will work to promote, advance, and sponsor youth participation in recreational sports.  Specifically, we will increase accessibility and affordability of participation in youth sports for low-income and economically disadvantaged youth, and provide financial support to cover the cost of sports equipment and registration fees associated with team, league and competition participation.  We do this with the purpose of promoting character development and life-enhancing values by creating opportunities for such youth to participate in recreational sports.

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