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Rent our Facility

A Private & Customizable Indoor Turf Sports Center

A Multi-Purpose Facility

Our indoor turf facility is a multi-purpose sports center suited perfectly for a wide variety of activities & sports. If you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact our Facility Scheduler, Dan Flanick (845) 800-0068.

We are suited perfectly for skill work in a variety of sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and football. The only limitation of our facility is creativity. If you have a group activity that requires open space to play & move around, we are perfect for you. 

For baseball & softball we are fully equipped with balls for every level, 4x batting lanes, open space for fielding work, 2x batting machines, a pitchers mound for baseball players, 6x batting tees, 4x L-screens, 4x field screens, and everything you need to run an extremely productive skill work practice.

For soccer, lacrosse, and football we have balls, goals, cones, ladders, agility poles, medicine balls, and anything you would need to run skill practices as well.

For group rentals, we have wide open space with balls & equipment for games and fun activities for you and your group. The sky is the limit, with a little bit of creativity you can have a fantastic time using our local indoor facility.

To contact us for questions & inquiries, please use the button below.

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