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Fitness & Training

We serve generations.

Adult, Youth-Teen, & Specialized Training for Unique Conditions & Circumstances

Adult Training

  • Small group training for adults of all ages, individuals with disabilities, chronic diseases and conditions, and ALL fitness levels

  • ​Included in your membership is access to our HIIT & Mobility Classes

  • ​Over 25-hours of available sessions to allow for ultimate flexibility with your schedule. This helps keep you accountable & consistent.

  • All Coaches possess a minimum of a Master's degree in the field of Kinesiology

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Adult Class-Packs

  • Class-Packs apply to our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes AND our Mobility Classes

  • ​Class-Packs are ideal for those who can't fully commit to an ongoing membership, but want the option to workout when they have the time

  • ​Class-Packs expire after 1-year if they have not been used

Kids & Teens After School Training
(Boys & Girls Options)

  • After school training has separate groups for boys & girls where they train on opposing days

  • ​We work with and accept all kids of every ability and fitness level

  • ​We have had many kids who experience intellectual disabilities, autism, depression, anxiety, etc. along with the community's top athletes

  • ​These programs are centered around teaching safe training, mentoring through life-lessons you can learn in a weight room, and old fashioned fun

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