Swing Time
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Swing School

Hitters Training & Clinics for Baseball & Softball Players in Central New York

Developing Confident Hitters

Our hitting Lessons focus heavily on mastering the fundamentals. Our lessons are filled with fun drills & games that help batters develop fast, consistent, efficient, and powerful swings.

The Program Focuses on;

  • Developing swing efficiency, speed, & power

  • Improving timing and pitch recognition

  • Improving "batters eye" to swing at more strikes & less balls

  • Learning how to "hit the ball where it's pitched", making for a well-rounded hitter

  • Improving confidence in the batters box

  • Teaching batters how to recognize their own mistakes & self-correct

  • Situational Hitting IQ 

  • How to Bunt

  • How to Hit & Run

Next 6-Week Session Start Date

November 8th, 2022
Registration Deadline: November 1st, 2022

Developing Smarter Hitters

Learning to swing is a piece of becoming an excellent hitter. You must also know how to recognize what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a wide variety of unique situations that appear throughout the season. 

Our lessons focus on more than just mechanics, but we drill common situations and teach hitters how to think about what to do during their games when the season hits. 

Being a great hitter is about being a great teammate. It's not all about homeruns and hitting bombs, but instead, having a high hitting IQ will set each batter up for a greater likelihood for getting more runs across home plate. And that is what the game is all about.

Hitters who leave our lessons will leave physically better at the game, but also with a higher baseball/softball IQ.

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Meet Coach Dan Flanick

Dan Flanick is from the Hudson Valley, New York where he grew up playing baseball from the time he could walk to his collegiate career.

As one of the regions top catchers in the late 2000s at Pine Bush High School, the same high school as legendary closer, Joe Nathan, Dan was invited to play for one of the top travel organizations around the country based out of Queens, New York, the Bayside Yankees. Following in the same footsteps as dozens of professionals such as the well known Pedro Alvarez (former 3rd basemen for the Pirates) & Rocco Baldeli (former outfielder for the Rays & current Twins manager) he traveled around the country competing against national caliber talent from every region of America.

As a teenager, his talents led him to being invited to catch off-season bullpen sessions for professionals such as Wade Davis, former closer for the Kansas City Royals.

Summer of his junior year, Dan was offered a scholarship to a Division II school on Long Island, NY where he was a catcher for the Molloy College Lions.

After cutting his collegiate career short due to personal & life circumstances, Dan earned his degree in strength & conditioning.

He worked with athletes, including baseball players, at Cornell University followed by a grad assistantship at Baylor University where he continued his work with elite level athletes.

Once he graduated with his Master’s of Education in Pedagogy (Philosophy of Teaching) in 2015, Dan started his own strength & conditioning business in Nashville, TN before moving back North and starting SkanStrength in 2017.

For the last 10 years and throughout his teenage years, Dan has coached countless young people between the ages of 10-22 in a strength & conditioning and baseball setting.

He is an expert at coaching kids and practices a positive coaching philosophy through which he works to instill a great sense of confidence and self-belief in the youth he works with.

His instructional skills, baseball knowledge and IQ, and shear passion for helping youngsters become confident in their strengths is clear. 

Instruction from Dan is filled with lessons that go beyond correct technique and utilize a great deal of sport-psychology to build physically and mentally resilient ball players

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