Gym owner weighs in on post-covid innovations

Covid-19 sent shockwaves throughout small-business across America. Small, family-owned businesses everywhere have been threatened by the impact the virus has had on the economy. The fitness industry is no exception.

What is the outlook for gyms? How is the industry going to shift, at least for the time-being?

When asked, Dan Flanick, Co-Owner of Skaneateles Strength & Conditioning shares his thoughts,

"... smaller, more private gyms are going to thrive. The big-box gyms that need hundreds of members are going to struggle if they remain the same. There has to be a limitation on the number of people within the gym walls to ensure cleanliness and social distancing. The fact that there will be dozens of other people that had just used the same machine you're about to use combined with the minimal staff to member ratio will make it a struggle to ensure proper cleanliness. "

You're seeing the impact on these large gym chains right now. Chains like Gold's Gym & Planet Fitness are struggling and are at risk of shutting their doors for good.

So where is the industry headed?

For now, Dan believes that it's headed toward smaller, private gyms. Gyms that can offer a small membership base, privacy, cleanliness and can ensure social distancing will be the ones people seek out.

Gyms need to adapt because their services are essential for the general health and well-being of the communities in which they operate. And that's the direction of where the health and wellness field needs to move, utilizing exercise as preventative and rehabilitative treatment for many common medical conditions. But that's a topic for another article...

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