Skaneateles gym puts a unique spin on chiropractic care

Most people think of chiropractic as coming into the office, getting your back or neck cracked, and then leaving.

However, the two chiropractors at Skaneateles Strength & Conditioning do it differently.

With expertise in strength training and utilizing exercise as medicine, Dr. Taylor Allen Flanick and Dr. Jeffrey Batis barely even use adjustments in their approach.

“After seeing so many patients come in with muscle aches, back pain, and musculoskeletal issues, the solutions for these people kept coming back to one idea...Training.” says Dr. Jeffrey Batis.

Exercise is often viewed through the lens of group fitness classes and boot camps, but with the right type of practitioners, it can actually be utilized as a life changing, pain altering form of medicine.

“There is a tremendous amount of literature pointing to exercise as one of the safest, most effective forms of treatment,  prevention, and management for musculoskeletal pain along with an entire slew of medical conditions.” says Dr. Allen Flanick.

She continued on to say, “Training isn’t the same as just general exercise. It’s a  planned progression that must adhere to scientific principles. On the surface it looks like a bunch of exercises and hard work, but viewing it through a scientific lens reveals the art of utilizing exercise as medicine.”

So often people look for cutting edge treatments to be high tech solutions to everyday issues. But in this case, perhaps cutting edge innovation is simply utilizing the tools we already have and implementing them in a new way and for a new purpose.

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