Skaneateles Strength & Conditioning is located 1 mile outside the Village of Skaneateles.  Each person who trains at SS&C receives personalized coaching , individual workout programs, and their own equipment each training session. All of the classes are small and personal.


Whether you're a teenager looking to improve for sports, a mom or dad looking to get back in shape, or a grandparent who wants to stay strong, healthy, and active as you age, the team of Coaches at SS&C can help you reach your goals. 

Training for all ages and athletic abilities.



In Introduction to Training you will learn the fundamentals of our training methodology. You will be taught how to safely and correctly perform foundational exercises that you will use in your own training program.

This class will be a chance for our Coaches to learn more about you and will help them to design your individualized training program. 


This class lasts 1-week and serves as our on-boarding service for new clients and is required prior to joining our Membership program

PRICE: $99


Once you've completed Introduction to Training, you're invited to join our Membership program. 


As a Member, you will receive; 


  • Customized workout programs tailored to you and your goals 


  • Unlimited monthly training sessions available 


  • Personalized coaching and attention every time you train

  • Your own equipment each and every time you train

PRICE: Starting at $299/month


1382 E Genesee Street, Skaneateles NY, 13152