Skaneateles Strength & Conditioning is a small-group, personal training facility run by a team of Chiropractors and Strength & Conditioning Coaches. 



the Gym

-Experience chronic pain that has plagued you for months and or years and want to use exercise as a treatment

-Want to get strong so you can remain capable, healthy, independent, and bad-ass as you grow older

-Are looking for a non-intimidating, kind, and goal oriented community of people and coaches

-Want someone you trust to hold you accountable to goals you have set for yourself

-Want more than the run-of-the mill gym experience where you feel at home within our community

-Have deeply rooted goals for your health that go beyond just looking good for the beach (although, training will help with that too)

Our training programs are designed to make you strong, resilient, and capable for life. 

Exercise can be used at whim, but the best results come from using exercise like medicine. It needs to be used, dosed, and prescribed appropriately. 

Our coaches are full-time professionals in the health and fitness industry. With doctorates and master's degrees within the field combined with thousands of hours of hands on experience, we have the ability to design extremely effective individualized training plans for all types of people. 

Chronic pain, health conditions that benefit from exercise, and physical or mental health benefits are why most people seek our services. 

This gym is for those who...

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What others think...

"SSC was recommended to me as a place to seek help for back and hip pain that
was debilitating.  Although it seemed counterintuitive to lift weights with this
type of pain, I was willing to try anything.
In the following months, I not only experienced gentle, steady attention to my
specific issues and recovery, but I also witnessed an uplifting, no pun intended,
experience and atmosphere at the gym."

-Patience Brewster

Jeff, who is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, has helped me focus on the rehabilitation of a knee injury that kept me from training for thirteen weeks. Jeff's patience and knowlege helped to make my knee stronger and gave me the confidence I needed to start training again without the nagging worry of my knee failing me. I am forever grateful for the time Jeff and I spent one on one together!

-John Malec


1382 E Genesee Street, Skaneateles NY, 13152