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Getting out of pain, the achievement and maintenance of better health, recovering from injuries and becoming more resilient to the wear and tear of life are best done using a treatment plan that encourages self-sufficiency and sustainability, tailored to you. Dr. Jeffrey Batis and Dr. Taylor Allen Flanick provide a unique combination of chiropractic care in conjunction with a physical exercise plan personalized to your current abilities and health related goals.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect on my first appointment?

We please ask that you come in comfortable and athletic clothing, since we often get you up and moving, even on your first appointment, if possible. You can expect a thorough history and orthopedic examination, we will explain our findings and what that means moving forward in treatment. We'll make treatment plan recommendations and expect you to be consistent with the plan we set out for you to obtain optimal results. Our ultimate goal is get you active, strong, and self-sufficient.

Do I need to get an x-ray?

Typically, no. We will be able to decipher throughout our history taking process if you'll need further diagnostic imaging. Majority of the time, this won't change our treatment plan for you unless there's something important that we think should be ruled out prior to beginning treatment. Should you need further imaging, we will refer out for that, prior to getting started. 

What kind of conditions do you see?

We see a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from arthritis, chronic pain, acute sprains or strains, those experiencing pain during their workouts, those seeking help training for a specific race or competition, sport related rehabilitation, spine related injuries, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, neck, or back complaints. This is a brief list of common conditions, though it's not all-encompassing of what we're able to treat.

Do I need a referral to come to see you?

No referral is necessary for you to come and see one of our chiropractors. 

Do you take insurance?

We are out-of-network providers for health insurance, which means we do not accept any insurance at this time

Our reason for not accepting insurance is truly for your benefit and staying true to our philosophy of care. Instead of being confined to time limits and specific treatments, we are able to spend as much time we believe is necessary for each patient, using a broader range of techniques and exercises that we see fit. Less confines within our practice = better quality of care for you.

How much should I expect to pay?

Our recommendation is different for each individual, dependent on their condition, examination, history, and findings. We have several different options for our treatment plans, in which we will recommend what we believe is going to be best suited for you.

Should you have any other questions, please reach out for a complimentary phone consultation with one of our Chiropractors below.


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