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Train in a Private Gym

Small Group Training for Kids, Adults, & Individuals with Special Acute/Chronic Conditions

Training Services

Adul Training
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Adult Training

Our Adult Training program is ideal for people seeking training in a private environment that is fun, laid back, and community oriented. Although there is a general workout for each day, everyone is different and our coaches know exactly how to find the right exercises and the right amount of "challenge" that is suited to you and your current levels of fitness.

Many of our clients come to us for help with injury rehabilitation, alleviating chronic conditions, general weight loss, strength & muscle gain, and almost any condition, goal, or unique situation that presents itself to our staff. We have worked with, at this point, well over 1,000 people with as wide array of conditions, goals, ailments, and injuries as you could imagine. 

Youth & Teen Training
Boy Traiig

Youth & Teen Training

We have two separate options for our Youth & Teen Training programs.


Girls Power Hour

For females, we have "Girls Power Hour" that runs all year long after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This program is girls only and is run by a female coach in an environment where young women can learn the ins-and-outs of the weight room, speed & agility training, and general health & fitness in a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere.

After School Boys Strength & Conditioning

For the boys, we have our After School Strength & Conditioning program designed for kids as young as 10 and as old as 18 years old. This program teaches young men safe ways to train and perform a wide variety of exercises. We train speed, agility, strength,  flexibility, and endurance. We help kids of all backgrounds, athletes or not. 

The environments in either program is very positive, encouraging, and our coaches serve as mentors as much as trainers.


HIIT Classes

HIIT Classes are ideal for individuals who want to get their workouts in, but want flexibility in their workout schedule. 

These classes are filled with interval training that helps you gain strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, release endorphins for stress relief, and have fun in a small, quaint environment without the pressure of tons of people around while you workout. 

You can try a class for free and decide if it's right for you!

HIIT Classes

We bring people together through exercise.

Our philosophy is rooted in utilizing exercise & training as a veneer to mentor the youth in the community, help aging adults live higher quality, longer, healthier lives, and to truly touch on every aspect of the mind - body connection.

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