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Strength Club

After School Program for 5th - 12th Graders

Adul Training

Safety, Fun & A Community
"Strength ClubAfter School Program is organized and run by highly experienced professionals with bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees under the kinesiology umbrella. Each of us have a minimum of 10-15 years of training experience between our professional careers and personal journeys in health & fitness. Our staff's number 1 focus is training safety while making exercise & training FUN. We want kids to enjoy exercise so they build habits for a lifetime. 

Everyone is an Athlete & All are Welcome
Whether your child is the best athlete on their team OR if they are not into sports at all, our program is moldable and customizable to their goals. We help all of our Club members build athleticism, injury resiliency, speed, agility, power, flexibility, and coordination. 

Confidence & Self-Esteem for All Genders & Abilities
The SkanStrength After School Club is an accepting environment for every child & teen who enrolls in our program. We have specialty hours for "girls only" along with co-ed hours throughout the week. We have individuals ranging from 11 years old through their senior year in high school. We train kids with disabilities through the top athletes in the area. They put their phones down, work hard, have fun, and train in atmosphere that breeds confidence and positivity.

What People Experience

"So my children have been attending Skan strength and fitness for just about a year… the environment programs and hands on approach from the physical trainers/ owners is amazing. They really put your/ your child’s needs first. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone starting for themselves or their student athletes."
-Robert Debois

"My 11 year old son attends the after school program 2 days per week with Dan and Nate. He loves it and we are so thrilled to bring him to this great family run gym. Dan and his team are kind and encouraging- it’s what you hope it would be. The facility is large, clean and most importantly safe. My son has grown in strength and confidence and I would highly recommend this very positive and motivating experience for all tweens and beyond."
-Krys Bastian

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