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Indoor Turf Facility Rental

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

Baseball & Softball

SkanStrength Indoor Sports Center can be set up in a customized fashion that suits your team, lesson, camp, or clinic needs. However you need it set up, we can make it happen. 

With the ability to break the room into 4 separate batting cages for hitting skill work or make it a wide open space for infield, pitching, and catching work we can create the practice environment you need. In fact, if you want, we can break the room up into half batting cages, half open space or 1/4 batting cage and 3/4 open space.

Facility features;

  • Wide open room dividable into 1,2,3, or 4 lanes 14' wide x 52' long

  • Protective netting surrounding the entire turf area and ceiling for safety & skill work

  • 2 Iron Mike pitching machines that throw between 20-80mph and can be set up for baseball or softball

  • Specialty batting practice balls that have embedded laces so bats don't get ruined and athletes can see real spins on the ball

  • Standard size baseball pitching mound with up to 70' of pitching space for lessons or bullpen work

  • Baseballs & Softballs for every level of development from coach pitch to the major leagues

  • 4 L-Screens for protection while throwing BP

  • 4 Protective screens for added safety when performing drills 

  • 4 Home plates

  • 2 sets of bases

  • 4-batting tees

  • Unlimited netting for throwing, Tee work, soft-toss, etc.

Lacrosse Skill Work

You won't be playing full-on games inside of our 3700sqft. facility, but if you need skill work this may be perfect for you. Goalie training, face-offs, or skill-work that does not require a ton of space might make SkanStrength ideal for your team, lessons, camps or clinics.

Facility features;

  • 240 Lacrosse balls for as much practice as you can possibly want

  • Two tournament grade lacrosse goals 

  • Safety netting surrounding the entire turf area, including the ceiling

Soccer Skill Work

Ideal for youth small-groups, SkanStrength Indoor is perfect for teaching young players the skills & techniques that allow them to excel in this sport. You can't play full field games in our facility, but you can get a great amount of skill work in for athletes of all ages. And you may even be able to play mini-games depending on the amount and size of the athletes you are coaching.

Facility features;

  • Protective netting surrounding the entire turf area and ceiling for safety & skill work

  • Goals for shooting practice

  • Over 3000sqft. of space for dribbling, passing, shooting, throw-in work and anything else you may need to work on with your athletes

  • We are equip with soccer balls so you don't even need to bring your own

Camps & Clinics

Our indoor facility is customizable to the needs for your camp or clinic. Reach out and see if we are the right fit for your situation.

Special Events

The versatility of our space allows for a wide variety of other activities not mentioned on our website. However, we can and will work with you if you have a special event you would like to run inside of our facility. Reach out to schedule a time to talk with one of our owners about your function.

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